2 Peter 2-3 Reflections

November 29, 2007 — Leave a comment

“They give the way of truth a bad name.  They’re only out for themselves” 2:2

·        Jesus, help me to never be one of these again.  I know at times I’ve most likely been found wanted.  Even as a student minister, there were times where I fell into the trap of legalism.  My fear is that I did more wrong than good.  Please forgive me and I pray that those students saw my heart despite my lack of wisdom.  I pray that you would always get the glory and honor and I would receive nothing. 

“Lot, nearly driven out of his mind by the sexual filth and perversity” 2:7

·        Man I love this verse.  There’s another verse in job that says he basically bounced his eyes from sexual perversion.  It can be hard at times working as a personal trainer.  I have had to devote my entire focus on the individual I am training and let the background go.  As a guy and a follower of Christ I want to be pure to Amy and stay open with her and let her know what’s going on.  I can’t stand the guilt that comes with sexual impurity and it has been a battle for me and most guys since early on.  Jesus help me to absolutely despise it and not give it any place in my heart and mind. 

“So God knows how to rescue the godly from evil trials” 2:9

·        This is so simply stated, but so hard to apply at times.  There have been times where I know you are there, but just don’t sense it.  I know those are the times you are challenging me to walk not by sight but by faith.  I must trust in you with all my heart and lean to thine own understanding, but in all my ways acknowledge you for you will direct my path. 

“They’ve left the main road and are directionless, they’re dried up fountains, they’re addicted to corruption, they’re enslaved.  Better not to have started out on the straight road to God than to start out and then turn back, repudiating the experience and the holy command.  They prove the point of the proverbs.  A dog goes back to its own vomit.”  2:10-22 (bit and pieces)

·        That’s the thing if I choose to ever leave the “main road” or your will for my life I will find myself without purpose or direction.  You love me so much everyday you give me a choice to follow one road or another.  If I choose my own way I will find myself dried up. 

This reminds me of when I graduated from high school and pursued my dreams of baseball.  You had called me into the ministry and to go to SAGU, but I resisted wanting to do my own thing.  I was like Jonah fleeing.  As a result I was a dried up pitcher!  Father, help me to encourage those that have no purpose and dream for their life, just like you helped me just a few months ago. 

“Hold your minds in a state of undistracted attention” 3:1

·        I know that Peter is talking about your second coming and how we need to wake up thinking about this and stay focused so we won’t miss out.  Once again this reminds me of personal training.  I must keep so focused on my client that I am not letting my eyes wander around.  I wish sometimes females had to dress like they do in the middle east, just during this time! 

One of my clients I train, I am constantly all over him about this.  It’s crazy to look at the guys in the room, that are so more focused on what’s going on around them, than their actual reason for working out.  But… perhaps for some that is their reason – sad. 

“Long ago all the galaxies and this very planet were brought into existence out of watery chaos by God’s word.” 3:5

·        Simply beyond words father God.  You are incredible and my little mind can’t even begin to think about this.  It’s like every time I think about eternity.  My head hurts.  I just have to stop and realize you are so big and beyond us and we will never know all there is to know about you. 

“With God, one day is as good as a thousand years, a thousand years as a day.  God isn’t late with his promise as some measure lateness.  He is restraining himself on account of you, holding back to the end because he doesn’t want anyone lost.  He’s giving everyone space and time to change.” 3:8-9

·        God I know you will be coming again.  I still remember the book 88 reasons why you’ll come back in 1988.  It’s hilarious that you are so plain about how know one knows, yet people still predict.  I do know though, that due to so many signs around us it can’t possibly be far out.  I would love to think it would be in my lifetime.  I just want to live in a way that I am constantly trying to “walk across the room” as Bill Hybels puts it.  Help me right now in my relationships.  I pray specifically for Vlad, Jim, and Todd right now. 

“Do your very best to be found living at your best, in purity and peace.” 3:14

·        These two things can be so difficult.  I admit purity has been one of my biggest battles in life.  But I know with accountability, openness with Amy, and keeping focused I can live my best.  I tend to try to have harmony with others, don’t enjoy conflict, so I think peace is something that comes more naturally. 

“Some things Paul writes are difficult to understand.  Irresponsible people who don’t know what they are talking about twist them every which way.  They do it to the rest of the scriptures, too, destroying themselves as they do it.”  3:15-16

 No doubt.  I don’t want to ever twist words to fit my own life.  Father I just read a book by Rob Bell entitled, “Velvitt Elvis” and I loved that he was so hard on this.  Help me to have a huge hunger for your word and understanding.  Help me to meditate on scriptures and not just read them to fit me.  I know at times that I just read scripture and immediately jump to application and don’t observe it long enough to really gets its context.  Help me to have more patience. 


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