Day 11: Tassels and Salvation Army

December 6, 2007 — Leave a comment

I woke up at the crack of dawn (you know it’s that when your infant is still sleeping) this morning.  I read Matthew 9 before I left.  I love reading things that resonate deep within at that time.  Jesus said, “the healthy don’t need a doctor, but the sick”.  That perhaps sums up Jesus entire ministry and should be our philosophy!  The faith of the women who reached out and grabbed Jesus garment or tassels sends goose bumps up my spine.

I hit the road once again today.  I’ve cranked out over 30 inspections in the past three days – that’s nuts!  One benefit of driving around the northeast part of Oklahoma is some of the beautiful sights I get to see.  I inspected a house northwest of Tulsa this morning out by Keystone Lake.  This pic doesn’t even begin to give it justice.

It’s probably not smart to read while driving but I did some any way.  I read almost half of a book about William and Catherine Booth (the founders of Salvation Army).  They are two of my new heroes!  They had to constantly fight against tradition and even their own denomination to chase their dreams.  I love their faith that stated that God had given them a vision and no man would stand in their way.

I swung by Platinum and had only one PT session tonight.  On the way home I had a lengthy conversation with my Mom.  She truly is an encourager and I grasp ahold of any “life” statements she sends my way.  It’s amazing no matter how old I get – the words of a parent good or bad go farther than anyone else!  I need to remember that in my own role as a father.


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