Integrity at its Best

December 15, 2007 — Leave a comment

The past two days I’ve been continuing to work with some of my family making a few extra bucks for Christmas.  Yesterday my FNL got five stories up in a tree and sawed a limb that dropped on a guy’s car.  This guy moved his other two vehicles but for whatever reason chose to not move this one.

The “cherry faced” round fellow came out and was not a very happy camper to say the least!  They exchanged a few words (a few were absolutely hilarious) and we parted ways.  He told us not to worry about and just wanted us to finish up and leave.

Well today, my FNL couldn’t let it go and wanted to make things right.  He called around town and got a guy to replace right there in the guys driveway so he wouldn’t have to even mess with it.

Lesson Learned: We could have easily moved on and been justified in doing so.  Time would have passed and perhaps everyone would have forgotten about it.  Everything in my FNL just could not let that be.  He chose not to be remembered for what he didn’t do but for what he could do – to make things right.

Perhaps the greatest thing he doesn’t realize – his SNL and his son saw the whole thing and saw his response, a classic example of integrity for four eyes that were shaped.


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