Altar Calls

January 14, 2008 — 1 Comment

I was wondering today after church – where in the Bible is an altar call given?  I know people were called to action and given an opportunity to respond, how else would people be saved?  If we read in the OT people built altars to God.

Sometimes I wonder how effective alter calls are.  I was raised in churches where this was a high priority and i believe in the power of them.  I was filled with the Holy Spirit at an altar and called to devote myself to become a pastor at an altar in Estes Park, Colorado.  but…. at times I wonder.

Is an altar call a way for a preacher to find out how good he did and find out how many people were touched.  Does it happen to feel a man’s ego?  Is it manipulative?  My prayer is that all over the world it would not be.

Sometimes I’m concerned that it is an end to our real purpose.  What I mean is – if we truly desire people to make a change or desire a call to action – do we really want them to come to an altar or leave the church and actually do the action outside the four walls.

As long as there is both that is a sweet combination.  I just can’t help but wonder if the walking down to the front is an end to the action it is really designed for.  I pray that it is never entertainment and that it is a show for other’s to ponder upon.


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    Very interesting. you might probably agree with the article titled “I got saved today….”

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