Luke 10 Reflection

January 30, 2008 — Leave a comment

S – Luke 10

“What a huge harvest! Ask the god of the harvest to send harvest hands.  Be careful – this is hazardous work.  Don’t loiter.  Don’t impose yourself.  Don’t move from house to house, eat what they set before you.” Vs. 2-8 exerts The one who listens to you, listens to me.  The one who rejects you, rejects me.  Safe passage as you walk on snakes and scorpions, and protection from every assault of the enemy.  No one can put a hand on you.  The great triumph in your authority over evil, but in god’s authority over you and presence with you.  Not what you do for god but what god does for you – that’s the agenda for rejoicing”. :16; 19-20

O – Jesus commissions his disciples out two by two into the villages to tell people about his kingdom.  He basically tells them it’s not going to be easy and gives some instructions on how to approach people.  He instructs us not to push ourselves on anyone but yet initiate contact with people.  We need to pray because there are so many souls and we need people to help!  Even though it is hazardous, he encourages us by letting us know we will have his protection – the joy comes in putting ourselves out there and letting him use us.

A – I need to ask Rory to go with me to the King of Clubs so they’ll be two of us and I need to pray even harder for the harvest hands.

P – God I pray this morning that wherever I step and whom ever I meet that I would rely on your protection and your guidance to help me.  In the weeks to come as I volunteer in this community that people would see your incarnation through me as I serve.  Not that I would receive any kind of glory but that they would see your love.  Help me to be the Good Samaritan and keep an eye out for those that need a physical touch as well.


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