When I’m Training…..

February 8, 2008 — Leave a comment

I love being a Triathlete.  It’s an absolute blast.  I feel like I owe far more to the sport than anything I could ever give to it.  I’ve chosen from day one to never take it seriously but simply have fun.  Yeah I’ve kept track of my results, keep a training log, read some articles, and listen to some tri podcasts, but it’s all a hobby.  I really don’t abide by a strict training program, but tend to be more relaxed with it all.  I am not a professional – I‘m just an average guy that’s a husband, father, and employee that just happens to do this stuff to stay healthy and keep weight off.

When I’m training I feel like I’m totally free of all responsibilities and pressures.  I do most training early in the morning before most of the world is awake and it allows me to have that time for myself.  It makes me feel like I’m in Little League again on a pitcher’s mound just playing the game i love.

I enjoy all three disciplines in different ways.  There’s something about a swim that is refreshing and when you’re in the water it’s like you’re in another world.  When I’m out on a ride through the country on my bike it’s like I’m in complete control and I can do anything!  The run is my first love because it is where it all began – jogging down the block winded.  It is also a metaphor in my life to never quit.  I believe quitting is a disease and I refuse to allow it to infect my life.  There’s also nothing like a “runner’s high”.   This pic is my first race I ever did in 2005 – the Cowtown 10K in Fort Worth.

When I’m training I become someone on the outside looking in that is enjoying every moment!  I can’t wait to do this stuff with my boys one day!


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