7 Habits of Highly Effective Triathletes

February 14, 2008 — Leave a comment
During my spin this morning I flipped thru the December 07 issue of Triathlete Magazine and read a good article by Jason Karp.
01 Effective training
  • two or three workouts in each sport consistently will lead to great fitness gains in athletes who have full lives with work and family
  • evaluate your strengths and weaknesses and structure your training plan around the discipline that will give you the best bang for your training buck

02 Consistent training

  • stringing together weeks, months, and eventually years of consistency will enable an athlete to reach his or her potential and ultimate success this includes: staying injury free, solid training blocks without overtraining, proper recovery, good nutrition, and minimizing stress

03 Adequate recovery

  • this is the most overlooked area of training
  • without proper recovery training is only going to put an athlete into a hole that he or she will eventually find near impossible to climb out of

04 Setting goals

  • goals provide direction, motivation, and a sense of purpose
  • without goals one is just working out – who wants to do that – I’d rather train
  • after you’ve defined your goals, make a habit of surrounding yourself with others who support them – they’ll be contagious

05 Coaching

  • a coach is there to see when you need to step back, rest and evaluate things, which is something you can’t always do on your own
  • find a mentor who has experience at the level you want to attain

06 Nutrition

  • it’s so vital in recovery
  • eat and drink consistently through the day
  • eat far more veggies and fruits
  • view food as fuel

07 Positive mental attitude

  • if you have a positive attitude you’ll get more out of your training and you must believe that you can do it
  • recognize when negative comes in and get refocused

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