My Top 10 Core Values

March 19, 2008 — Leave a comment

Toward the end of last summer I went through a process of rethinking what was important to me.  I really wanted to live my life by some mantras or slogans that would represent my outlook on life.  I guess some would call these core values.  Here’s the ten I came up with, but still in the process of tweaking and changing as I grow.

  • I’d rather take risks and fail than take no risks at all
  • Go the extra mile and finish strong
  • Expect the best and prepare for the worst
  • Maximize the good in people and minimize the bad
  • Never ever forget that you’re a servant  
  • You are what you read & listen to
  • Worst thing in the world is not to be yourself
  • Live your life in a way that is worth blogging about
  • When at home be at home
  • Life is a marathon not a sprint

Do you have any values that you live by?  I would love to hear them. 



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