Serving Others With No Tip

March 25, 2008 — 1 Comment

My junior year in college i spent a semester as a waiter for Red Lobster.  I still remember what it was like to serve like crazy to a certain table, only to get stiffed in the end.  It didn’t happen often but it was frustrating at times.

How difficult is it to serve knowing at times you will receive no tip?  I’m learning those lessons daily.  There’s a certain elderly man named Mr. Walker that my hearts yearns for at Wood Manor, but he won’t let me in.  There’s a young man that I keep calling and won’t return my calls.  There’s a neighbor that I keep reaching out to with only of little avail.  There’s another guy that won’t respond to an encouraging email.

Sometimes it is hard to serve others with no tip.  I learn this everday that passes.  So many times I just want a response.  So many times I just want some recognition.  So many times I just want someone to say, “thankyou” and give something back.

I might even step out a little further.  At times I wonder if God sees the serving.  I know he does, but sometimes I want a little proof.  There’s certain days where I just want to know that he’s working behind the scenes.  Do you ever feel like that?  Today was that day for me.  I just wanted to see a dollar or simply a quarter left on the table.  I didn’t want this day to end feeling like I got stiffed.  Then I remembered – God has called me to serve without the expectation of a tip.

I was led back to my prayer journal from yesterday in which I wrote the following:

03.23.08 7:55am entry

Scripture John 6:27-59 “why don’t you give us a clue, when we see what’s up, we’ll commit ourselves.  Show us what you can do” :30-31


  • They didn’t have any faith.  They just wanted him to be the jack-in-the-box or musician and do little miracle tricks.  They wanted him to prove himself first.


  • Help me to just trust in you period.  Knowing that you are with me.  My hardest thing is I expect you to send me little clues that you are out in front – I shouldn’t grow to expect those things.  Help me to trust you even when there are none!



One response to Serving Others With No Tip


    by far, my fav post you’ve ever written. serve when there is no return? serve when no one sees? i often wonder if our deeds and actions must be done in secret before it even makes Christ smile with approval. very tough for bloggers.

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