Uniquely Me

April 2, 2008 — Leave a comment

Amy and I are heading to a boot camp in Texas in May, to be better equipped to begin a new church.  They sent us some homework to do before hand.  One of those things is doing a spiritual gift and 4 disc personality assessment.  The tool used was called Uniquely You by Mels Carbonell.  I did this over four years ago at the church we were apart of.  It was interesting to see how I had changed in some areas.  My spiritual gifts were very similar but a few areas had skyrocketed, while my major personality trait had decreased.  Needless to say, I’m not near the choleric guy I once was – Amy enjoyed that.

Here’s my top five spiritual gifts in order:

  1. Pastor / Shepherd
  2. Leadership
  3. Teaching
  4. Hospitality
  5. Evangelism / Administration (tied)

My personality is a C/S/D: Competent Steady Doer:

  • C/S/D’s are a combination of cautious, stable, and determined types.  They are more task-oriented, but care about people on an individual basis.  They don’t like to speak in front of crowds (I’ve never minded).  They prefer to get the job done and do ir right through small groups, as opposed to large groups.  They tend to be more serious.  Often misunderstood by others as being insensitive, C/S/D types really care for people.  They just don’t show it openly.  They need to be more positive and enthusiastic.  Natural achievers, they need to be more friendly and less critical.

I love this stuff because it allows me to really focus on my strengths, but yet I’ve really focused as well on being more positive, less serious, expressing how I feel about others, and just more sociable.

Have you ever taken this kind of assessment?  How do you feel about it?  If you are someone who knows me what do you think about these results?  Do you agree?  I promise you won’t hurt my feelings.


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