Lessons From a Van Pay Puppet Show

April 3, 2008 — Leave a comment

A new Van Pay tradition has started with our boys.  Camden has a Santa puppet and a snowman puppet.  The boys are loving it.  One day Camden is going to be ticked that I put a picture of him in his underwear on this blog – sorry son.  We’ve been able to use this as a teaching lesson when he disobeys us.  It’s amazing how much he’ll listen and be challenged to obey through a puppet show!

Although I would love to portray us as the perfect little family and me as the perfect little dad I can’t.  A few weeks ago I was in the garage and snapped at Amy.  Later in the house Camden asked me, “Daddy are you mad at Mommy?”

Last night I was pretty tired and my attitude wasn’t that great.  I reacted to Amy instead of responding to her.  Once again a pair of 3-year-old eyes were taking it all in.  Camden looked at me with a funny look and said, “Daddy you mean to Mommy”.

Have you ever just wanted to bang your head against the wall?  Have you ever just wanted to leave your body for a minute and slap yourself?  Have you ever lost respect……. for yourself?  I did.

I guess when a situation like that happens the best we can do is say we’re sorry.  We tucked Camden in bed and read him a book.  I took him on my lap and said, “Camden Daddy’s sorry and he didn’t mean to be mean to Mommy.  We love Mommy and we should be nice to her.  Daddy’s sorry – will you forgive me?”  He replied, “Daddy, I forgive you.”

I suck at being a husband and a dad sometimes.  But one thing they’ll always get from me when I screw it up – is a humbled apology and a request to be forgiven.

Is there anyone that you need to apologize too?


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