Red Bud Weekend

April 7, 2008 — 2 Comments

This weekend I tackled my 3rd anniversary of the Red Bud Classic in OKC.  My ole riding buddy Todd hooked up with me, along with my new friend – Tim.  It was the first year that I rode the 50mile bike followed the next day by the 10K run.  I finished a minute slower than last year in the run, but hey my legs were toast from the day before.

We were able to hook up with Kara & Mason (Amy’s college roommate and husband) Saturday afternoon.  That night I was able to check out my old DYD’s new church – northchurch.  Several of his staff showed me around and were very cool in just hanging with me answering questions.  I admire this staff in the fact that they started in a house with three people and the church is doing awesome in the Edmond area.  Tonight we checked out two other different type of churches – fusionokc and marshill.  Ben who is leading Mars Hill is a very cool guy and came out of bridgewaychurch.

I’m such a loving sensitive daddy.  While Amy was out with her old roomie.  I had the boys in the hotel.  This is how Cale put himself to sleep.  He roamed the floor for an hour until he tuckered himself out by the door!


2 responses to Red Bud Weekend


    Hey, so what’s the whole “Mars Hill” thing about? Are they connected in some way. I’m a fan of Rob Bell (mostly) & Marc Driscoll, who are both from “Mars Hill” churches, but their theology is pretty different.

    Just wondering.



    have no clue man. i think they just liked the name.

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