The Best Book Written and Boot Camp Prep

April 10, 2008 — Leave a comment

This morning Amy and I got up together and read our Bibles.  I’ve been feasting on the book of John for almost two months now and can’t get enough!  Normally I get up earlier and have my own time, but it sure was cool to see my wife engulfing the greatest book ever written.  I’m so thankful my boys have a mom that sets this example.  Two young ladies out there in diapers have some big shoes to fill!  Sometimes I wonder where these precious little girls are.  I pray for them even now.

After hitting some inspections today, I was able to spend a big bulk of time going over my boot camp journal.  It involves like 30 hours of prep work – can you say ouch!  Next month we’re headed to Maypearl Texas for week-long training to help us better know how to start a new church.  Besides that we get to be around all these other people who are doing this with us.  We are all on the same team – so I get pumped hearing of others that are starting churches.

My brother John has been asked to be a coach for that week and I’m looking forward to seeing him again.  He started Gateway Fellowship this past February.


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