What If?

May 1, 2008 — Leave a comment

After slipping in some quick laps at the high school track with Rob and Doug I had to head to OKC for my monthly inspection meeting.  At one point I was following behind a car that had a license plate that had the phrase “What if“.  Of course with the long drive my thoughts began to deepen.  Those two words can’t help but make me dream:

What if……..

  • people could honestly see the gospel by our life’s actions?
  • we started asking our neighbors their names, found out their needs, and attempted to meet those needs?
  • every church linked together and instead of volunteering all their time inside, began volunteering outside?
  • people who heard a message preached, immediately applied before they left the building?
  • we lived a radical Jesus freak life in an authentic way?
  • we threw our denominational differences to the curb?
  • our city leaders were calling us with no hesitation to meet needs in the community?
  • viewed other pastors as teammates instead of competition?
  • change really was possible?
  • we all did one thing different?  we all spent one hour a week volunteering?  one place to adopt once a month?  we started one conversation?  we displayed one-act of kindness today?  we initiated one more relationship?
  • stopped operating like silos and came together with a life cause?
  • prayed and meant it and trusted God to really make it happen?
  • we were truly ourselves?
  • we gave up on our dreams and helped others achieve theirs?

Have you ever asked yourself the question, “What if?”  If not try it.  It might make you do something different!


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