When We Soil In Our Pants

May 1, 2008 — 1 Comment

In today’s Claremore Progress I read an article that absolutely consumed me with anger and hurt.  At the same time it gripped me with love for my own boys.  It also reminded me that there are people in my community that need Christ.

A four-year old boy was killed by his father because he “soiled in his pants”.  The reports say that the dad was so upset that he punched his little boy with a closed fist twice in the abdomen.  He then went on to use a belt and spank his child, while the entire time the boy was already gone.

I write this because it also made me think of the love of God.  How many times do we “soil” in our pants as we walk through our journey.  I do just about daily.  My heavenly daddy wraps his loving arms around me and forgives me.


One response to When We Soil In Our Pants


    just wanted to add it was step dad his dad wouldnt do that and i think that this has put a whole new outlook to alot of parents in claremore christopher was a beautifull loveing boy who just lighted every room he walked into and is very much missed by all his family and friends and everyone should be so thankfull that our God is such a forgiving God and keeps holding us tight.

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