Book Notes: 7 Practices to be Effective

May 10, 2008 — Leave a comment

Today as I was spending time on the road, personally growing, I mean working – I was able to listen to a series from the book:

I read this book several years when I was the Student Pastor of Christ Church in Ft Worth.  It had a tremendous impact on how we approached student ministry.  All of these practices can be applied to life in general.  Lately my schedule has been crazy and I’ve way too many things to grab my attention.  I really needed to hear – Narrow the Focus.  Are there any that you need to apply to your life right now?

Seven Practices of Effective Ministry  by Andy Stanley

Practice #1 – Clarify The Win
Even the best team can’t score if it can’t find home plate. In this conversation, we’ll discuss the importance of clearly defining wins at every level of your organization.

Practice #2 – Think Steps, Not Programs
Before you start anything, make sure it takes you where you want to go. In this conversation, we’ll discuss the importance of a clear strategy.

Practice #3 – Narrow The Focus
The longer a program operates, the more complex it becomes. In order to maintain a winning organization, we must continually face the challenge of narrowing its focus.

Practice #4 – Teach Less For More
People are bombarded by thousands of messages every week. If an organization is going to be effective, it must cut through the noise. It must learn to say only what needs to be said to the people who need to hear it.

Practice #5 – Listen To Outsiders
Why don’t people in your area go to church? Could it be because you’re focusing on who you’re trying to keep instead of who you’re trying to reach?

Practice #6 – Replace Yourself
We are all replaced eventually. The wisest leaders will extend their influence by finding and mentoring their replacements.

Practice #7 – Work On It
All of us work in ministry every day, but is that enough? Working on your ministry requires time to evaluate your work and to celebrate your wins.


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