In the Name of Jesus

May 26, 2008 — 1 Comment

For the past year I have run a certain 10 mile loop around Claremore.  Mile 9 goes down a huge hill on a county road and ends near this long gated fence where two dogs always are.  One of the dogs is a vicious bulldog that has intimidated me from the first time I saw him.  Here’s the scoop – every time I have run by they run along side the chained link fence where the gate to the driveway is always open.  The weird part is this – these dogs have always skipped the opening and finished running along the fence on the other side of this opening.

This picture has always been a metaphor to me of God’s protection against any enemies or Satanic attack.  Today as I was running I looked deep into the eyes of this bulldog with no fear – knowing he would skip the opening and god would protect me from some vicious attack of this bulldog!  To my surprise and absolute fear-stricken eyes (as I literally almost soiled in my shorts) this bulldog busted out of the gate and came at me like it had rabies.  I’m not exaggerating!  I would like to say I left this dog in the dust with my speed – but after 8 miles my legs hurt and I run like I still weigh 225 pounds.

This bulldog came right at my ankles growling like he was about to take a chunk out of my leg.  Instantly a flashback of my past occurred.  My mom and I while in the 5th grade, were walking in a golf course.  A vicious dog came at us and I remember my sweet precious red-headed mom speak out with authority that I had never seen.  The irish blood came out as she was protecting her little lamb (me).  She screamed out, “In the name of Jesus – get back dog”!  I’ve never forgotten it.  So as this dog was literally on my heels I screamed out the statement my mom had planted in me, “In the name of Jesus – In the name of Jesus – dog back off right now!”.

This dog whimpered away like he was nothing.  I learned that as much as God is protecting me – sometimes he throws test out there to truly see if we believe he will protect us.  It reminded me of the supreme power of Jesus name.  It reminded me that there are times in life where I have absolutely no control in a situation and the only thing to do is surrender my all to Christ.

Have you ever had an experience like this?  Perhaps during moments of attack or high-pressured situations that are beyond your control – try speaking out the name of Jesus and see what might happen!  The Bible says, “he’ll never leave us nor forsake us”.


One response to In the Name of Jesus

    eagleswingsworld May 26, 2008 at 8:24 AM

    Your article brought back a lot of memories of similar incidents in which I experienced the protective power of God when I called on the name of Jesus.
    Continue to trust in Him even when he only shows you one step at a time.

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