10 Things That Will Make Me Smile

May 30, 2008 — Leave a comment

Today was a day I could live in slow motion all over again!

Here’s the 10 things that I got to be apart of today that bring a smile to my face as I end this day:


  1. Meet five new people in my community and just pick their brain about different issues
  2. Have lunch with two close friends at el maguey
  3. Talk to my sister on the phone and catch up
  4. Talk to my parents on the phone and get encouraged and advice
  5. Hang out and pray for the elderly & play catch with teenagers from the youth shelter
  6. Have a house full of friends and family, while Cale eats a squirrel b-day cupcake
  7. Gain insight, wisdom, and advice from my FNL & grandma-in-law
  8. Reading and journaling in acts 5
  9. Play corn hole with my family
  10. Work as a team with Amy to pull off an incredible 1st b-day party for Cale

click here to watch part of cale’s b-day party


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