An Arrow in the Bow of Christ

June 23, 2008 — 1 Comment

When was the last time you’ve played with play-doh?  For me it is usually after Camden has gone to town, and I’m picking the crusty morsels (after it has dried out) from his bedroom carpet.  I honestly believe play-doh was created by someone who grew up despising their parents so it was a way to make all parents pay for their misery.

This morning I led a small group discussion on the topic of being childlike before Christ.  As an object lesson I challenged everyone to create a symbol that represented what they wanted to be as a Christ-follower right now.  It was hilarious to see what everyone came up with.  Unfortunately my lack of artistic ability came to the forefront during this activity – I have none… somehow an arrow was created amongst the blob of play-doh that layed before me.  Why an arrow?  This may sound cheesy, but I truly desire to be an arrow in the bow of Christ!  I just want him to pull me back and shoot me in whatever direction he wants everyday.  Never in my life have I been as passionate to pursue others with an authentic love.  I’m on a pursuit to follow Christ as closely as possible and out of that – he is causing me to pursue others.

About seven years ago I met a young man who was discouraged and lacked faith.  There was an experience that happened in his life and he left everything he believed.  I was apart of that and I’ve never forgotten it.  our family moved off and so I lost track of him.  About six months ago we saw him walking in town and I’ve not stopped pursuing him.  After daily prayers, over 25 phone calls, two no-show b-fast invites, and one late night no-show – he called me last night and we talked for over an hour and a half.  I listened to him pour out his fears, hurts, pains, frustrations, and doubts.  Afterwards I asked him, “What made you finally call me?”  he said, “I finally came to a place where I needed someone, you called me so many times and never stopped giving up on me, I knew you cared, and I couldn’t help but call you.  I need someone like you in my life”.

Why am i telling you this?  Why?  Well, because this same young man is in your life.  He might be a neighbor that lives across the street you’ve seen getting into his car, he might be the quiet coworker that is a loner, he might be in your family living in your house, he might be your friend.  Perhaps you need to pick up the phone.  Perhaps you need to write an email.  Perhaps you need to walk over to them.  Perhaps….. you need to pursue them.  Go after them.  They need you more than you’ll ever know.  You might be their only source of hope.  Pursue them.  Who knows it may take 25 calls – maybe 25 years – but there life is worth it.  Lets not spend the rest of our lives feeling like we were created for everyone around us to pursue us – we were created to pursue others with the love of Christ.

Who do you need to pursue right now?  What name or face comes to mind?  Go get em.


One response to An Arrow in the Bow of Christ


    That’s gettin’ down and dirty…that’s loving your neighbor because you love yourself…because you love your God…because He first loved you.

    This challenges me big time. Thank you.


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