No More Fast Food

June 30, 2008 — Leave a comment

Lately my time in prayer and worship has been phenomenal.  My time in his word has been more like a fast-food window.  It has been rushed and i’ve not chewed or wrestled with it.  I’ve not been journaling like i was.  I’ve been saying yes to a whole lot of things lately and unknowingly it has caused me to say no to some of the most important.  It reminds me how weak my flesh is and how willing the spirit is.  I decided to get up much earlier than I have been today.  When the alarm went off I wanted to snooze five more times.  It feels good to go against the flesh.  Amy and I went to bed last night praying over each other – praying for more passion and drive for things of Christ.  It’s amazing – the more intimacy with christ we experience – the more intimacy in our marriage we experience.  Here’s my reflection for this morning:

6.30.08 6:25am

S – Acts 17:10-34

“met with him daily, examining the scriptures to see if they supported what he said.  A lot of them became believers, including many who were prominent in the community, women and men of influence.” :11-12

“everyday he went out on the streets and talked with anyone who happened along.  Some of them dismissed him.  Others said tell us more.” :17-18

“he doesn’t play hide n seek with us.  He’s calling us for a radical life-change.  The listeners split; some laughed at him, others were convinced and stuck with him” :32-33



·          they didn’t just take the word paul said as truth they studied the scripture and wrestled with it themselves to seek out the truth

·          influential people believed as paul built relationships with them – he found favor

·          he went out everyday and spoke with people – some accepted and some didn’t

·          god is here for us, he’s not playing games, he’s called us to transformation



·          I want to read and dissect the scripture and apply it to my life.  I know we must not exegete it according to our own opinions that can cause danger, but we must be challenged to read it for ourselves and allow the holy spirit to convict and challenge us – otherwise we will always be to intimidated and will never read it for ourselves

·          I pray that I would have continued favor with influential people in our community that hold major relational networks

·          It’s comforting to know that even paul as radical as he was – not everyone was convinced – there were always those that walked away while others accepted.  I know I am challenging many to step up and be apart of the team – some will walk away I know that.  God help me to know that as bad as it hurts for all the investing I’ve done

·          Change my life.  Give me hunger and passion for you name and for people around me.  I want transformation in this community and I know that first I must be transformed!



God pour into me today.  May I experience a true passion for you and for worship.  Hear my heart as I bring my prayers before you.  Allow me to find favor in your eyes so I’ll find favor in others.  Give me wisdom in all decisions.  Help me to say no to good things so I’ll be saying yes to better things.  Give me a passion for your name today!  I love you so much.  Everything is in your hands – do what only you can do – I trust you…. I trust you completely.  amen


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