Roofing, Tri Training and After Ember

July 2, 2008 — Leave a comment

After an early day on Monday I was able to get in early to be able to get a 25 miler in on my bike.  The next two months are going to see my training hours increase dramatically for the big day in August.  After a tough little ride in the humid ok heat I was crushed to tears as I read an email from a close friend to let me know he was joining our team in the endeavor of The Well.  I know he had been contemplating for sometime and it brought a tremendous amount of joy to see that email!

Yesterday was spent high above the rooftop of my house as my fnl and I tackled my re-roofing job – not fun but well needed.  We literally prayed with a trembling fear during one of our last storms that we wouldn’t have a leak!  It is always a challenge and something I look forward to as I discuss spiritual matters with my dad in law.  He’s a great man of integrity and I want to allow that to soak in more and more in my life.

I was supposed to have my first PT session at the rec center but it didn’t work out.  After 30 quick laps in the pool – which really felt great – Amy and I were able to meet with a young couple that is aboard the well team.  He is going to help with the drums and she is going to help with the kids.  At least that’s the game plan – we are going to experiment to see if that’s a fit.  More than anything I want those on our team to narrow their focus and hit on their passion and what they are great at!  Afterwards we headed to a club venue where we got to see my friend Davey jam with his band – After Ember.  It was sweet!

It was a long night as I went to bed finishing our Well monthly update at 230am to arise this morning at 630am – ahh looking forward to the drive with heavy eyes today.  I’ll have to turn up my ipod a little louder.


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