Bad Directions and Good Laps

July 17, 2008 — Leave a comment

Today was a long one.  The beauty of being an insurance inspector is that there’s so much flexibility, freedom, and time to reflect, grow, pray, make phone calls, and have time to myself.  The downer is the drainage of driving and bad directions!  Today I literally spent over and hour and a half lost.  Not cool, but all jobs have its positives and negatives.

After getting back in we spent time packing for our little trip down to Texas.  We are headed to a church planting creative financial forum – wow that sounds so professional doesn’t it?  We are also meeting my parents – they haven’t seen the boys in six months.  I’m looking forward to it and have missed them.

I’m about to call it a night – 55 laps in the pool will allow me to lay my head down and rest nicely this evening!  After my swim I felt strong and am really starting to feel prepared for the big event in August.  Well this will be my last blog until Sunday so good-bye blog world!


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