A 3 Day Recap

July 27, 2008 — Leave a comment

The past three days have been a busy little blur.  Lets see if I can do a little recap:


I actually got to catch up a bit on some administration stuff regarding The Well.  I got to hook up with my friend Wes for some laps in the pool.  It was pretty cool to see my personal trainer info splashed up on the wall in the workout area.  Although I don’t have anyone I’m training right now it is really cool that a two-year process has come to pass.  When I first started out the rec it didn’t allow outside trainers so I worked in Tulsa.  I’m looking forward to getting some clients after my Ironman is history.  After having lunch with my buddy Brian for some Vietnamese – I was able to visit my elderly friends (with Cambo) at Wood Manor, as well as stop by the youth shelter and show three teenage boys how to play some cut throat – I stink by the way.  The day was finished out by watching some of our friends kids while they went on a date.  Long day but well worth every bit.


We hit the road to meet one of my all-time closest friends Marc Stomprud in Edmond.  He’s praying about the possibility of joining our team – man who would be a dream come true.  I would lay my life down for this guy!  After eating at one of my favorite mexican places – Ted’s we briefly drove by the main lifechurch.tv location – but due to it being a Friday couldn’t get in to see the facility – all good.  We drove home and watched – I Am Legend.  Camden starting watching with me until some bad dream images showed up and we decided it was bedtime for the Camster.


This morning I woke up at 530 and joined by close friend Todd for a 70 mile bike ride in the 100 degree heat of Oklahoma.  We took a route I had never done it was one of the most scenic views I’ve seen of my area.  The highlight, besides Todd almost throwing up after mile 62, was passing the first ever oil rig in Oklahoma.  The story behind this is unbelievable!  Unfortunately my training called for a stinken brick workout so I had to run 6 miles after getting off my bike.  Not fun.  The worst part was knowing I would be doing more than 4x that in another month!  After chill in with Amy’s family for a while and stuffing our faces at dinner we’re about to call it a night.

Oh yeah one of our closest friends got the new iPhone – wanna know who got his old one for free?  Amy!  She’s had a pretty lousy phone for the past several years and has never owned a piece of technology better than me – she is so deserving.  She’s loving it and I’m so jealous, I mean happy for her!


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