Thorn in My Flesh

August 7, 2008 — Leave a comment

Today I received one of those phone calls.  It kinda just pulled life at me ya know.  I’ve been dealing with this issue for over seven months now.  It has become a thorn in my flesh to say the least.  To be honest it takes me several hours to deal with that kind of stuff.  I have to vent, then I compress it, then I pray and worship and let God paint the bigger picture, and then I’ve got to go out and get away from it leaving it in God’s hands – for me it’s a long run like today.  The whole time God is molding me and shaping me into His image.  Every time I pray that the fruits of the Spirit would come out of me and not my fleshly responses.

After about six miles into my run I stopped off at a Portapottie (I know that’s not how you spell it) – it was so stinker hot and well stinker.  As I was sitting there, I thought about the thorn again and thought of Paul in the New Testament.  He couldn’t stand his thorn but it is interesting that God never took it away.  God wanted him to have it.  Why?  perhaps there’s different reasons or views.

For me, I came to realize today that without this thorn in my life perhaps it wouldn’t cause me to depend and rely so much on God.  This whole thorn thing is beyond my control and my timing, I’ve got to trust him with it.  It really does cause me to lean as close to Him as I can.  If it wasn’t there would I think that I could make things happen apart from him?  I hope not, but to be honest, maybe at times.

Recently I saw some updates on my Facebook page – one girl who just lost her baby at birth commented, “resting in the arms of Jesus” and another girl going through a separation commented, “in the arms of Christ”.  Does god allow us to have thorns so that we will lean more on him or get our attention?  Without thorns in our lives would be draw from him daily and need him so much?  I would like to say yes, but for me I believe God places thorns in my life because he knows me and knows that otherwise I would try to rely on myself.

Would i dare praise him for my thorn in my flesh?  as tough as it is, as frustrating as it is, as annoying and painful as it is, I must say thank you Jesus for my thorn that hurts right now!

What about you – what is the thorn in your flesh right now?  Is it a nerve-racking boss?  Is it a financial debt that won’t go away?  Is it a relationship that is one-sided?  Perhaps it is there and you need to stop praying for God to take it away and allow it to draw you closer to him.


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