It Is a New Favorite

August 18, 2008 — Leave a comment

After getting up early yesterday hitting a brick workout I headed into Tulsa to grab a wet skin, wetsuit, and a new set of tires for my bike.  Headed over to bicycles of Tulsa for them to give my bike a tune up for the big day that is narrowing down to two weeks for crying out loud!  Ah as I looked at my training schedule for this week I grinned as it continues to taper down.  I just pray that my shoulder pain continues to fade.

It’s been a relaxing weekend of hanging with my family and getting an opportunity to not only spend in God’s word, but read a couple of books.  I got to read, “Church Planting in the Real World” by Rainey and “It” by Craig Groeschel.  A book is only as good as it relates to where you are at that time and these two books were huge right now.  I love the realistic side of Rainey’s book without all the success and great stories.  I like things that are raw and real and doesn’t paint some unrealistic picture.  “It” will definitely be used as a teaching tool for our launch team come next month.  He defines “it” as: it is what God does through a rare combination of these qualities:

  • passion for his presence
  • a deep craving to reach the lost
  • sincere integrity
  • spirit-filled faith
  • down-to-earth humility
  • brokenness

So do you possess a quality?  Do you possess any of them?  All of them?  My prayer is that I would have a passion for his name and the names of those in my community that don’t know him!

This weekend I got several responses to potential team members and our small band is growing one by one.  I can hardly wait for the time to come to ignite together as one and raise chaos in a community that is crying out for a fresh move of God!  My prayer is that he would build his church and that he would do it not me or our team.


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