I’m An Idiot

August 20, 2008 — Leave a comment

Yesterday was a busy little day.  It was bright an early heading to OKC for our monthly inspector meeting.  On the way back I called every potential Well team member and layed it out there.  We are about to begin meeting weekly in September and I just had to know who’s going to get aboard The Well train and who isn’t.  I’m glad to say we have a dozen committed fired up Christ followers that are about to go for a ride of our lives!  It was cool to play the supportive role last night as me and the boys played on the playground while mommy ran her life-long run of 4 miles!  Go Amy – couldn’t be prouder!!  I also thankful for a wife and Michelle (one of our team players) that spent over four hours putting labels on envelopes as we are about to send out a bulk of proposal packets to send to churches.  We are praying that they would partner with us in this endeavor.

This morning I finalized that proposal and finished a letter that is fixing to go out to friends and family with the hope that they will begin supporting The Well.  It is no easy ask and I’ve never liked the thought of raising money, but…… for something I’m willing to lay my life down for I will do it without any hesitation as lives will be changed forever as a result of friend’s investment.  I can say with all integrity that my family has sacrificed over $1000 monthly with me not lining up pt sessions like I was in the past.  That time has been spent giving up two days a week to serve several non-profits in our community, serve on several committees, and begin laying the structural foundation for The Well.  I love the picture above and the comment.  I guess I’m an idiot because I am dreaming big!  I love the quote:

Dreams do come true, if we only wish hard enough, You can have anything in life if you will sacrifice everything else for itJames Matthew Barrie

Tonight Amy and I were able to attend a CRU gathering at RSU.  There was about 30 students that showed up and we were honored to support their cause.  I’m looking forward to the opportunity to be God’s mouthpiece next week as they’ve given me the ask to speak into their lives!  I’m a little rusty but I am praying that God would use me as a torch to light up some college students for the name of Jesus!

It’s a little scary knowing that a week from tomorrow we will be driving to Louisville for a freaken Ironman – how did I ever get to this point?  Nearly four years ago I remember jogging down my block in Ft Worth and had to stop from being out of breath!!

So – Are you an idiot?  Are you a dreamer?  Man life isn’t worth living if we’re not!


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