Jesus is the Best Download

August 27, 2008 — Leave a comment

After knocking out a sprint tri this morning and packing my suitcase for our Louisville trip – I spent most of the afternoon preparing my message for the CRU gathering at RSU.  It was the first time I have preached in over 3 years!  I experimented in my prep and instead of using a typical outline I decided to use something called message mapping.  It involved color coating, symbols, and i decided to create my message into a circular picture format – love it!

Anyway I poured my heart about syncing up to Jesus.  I talked about how there’s so many downloads out there and Jesus is by far the best one.  As long as we are most passionate about downloading his podcast through his word every morning – we’ll be fine.  It was pretty cool to have several guys ask me about being involved in The Well afterwards.  When I got in my truck to drive home I felt exhausted.  I had just completely poured out everything I had into these students.  I also drove away in complete humbleness knowing that out of the 30 people gathered tonight – God decided to choose me to be the mouthpiece!  It has been too long and I will never again take for granted the calling and ability to preach the Gospel.

It’s been a long day, still got to pack up my tri gear, and we’ve got to get up at 5am to hit the road.  I’m looking forward to unplugging for a week – no blogs, no emails, no phone calls, no church stuff – just straight up family time and make a dream a reality!  I’m out till next week………… I‘m Ironman bound!!


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