The High Ropes

September 23, 2008 — Leave a comment

Last week had to officially be the busiest week I’ve had in an incredibly long time.  It was beneficial but tiresome.  All day Friday I participated in Leadership Rogers County – it was a blast getting to know others in my community that want to see Claremore progress forward.  We spent time team building and getting to know each other.  I actually found out I had the longest fingers in the class – crazy considering one guy is over 6 ‘3.  Some of the exercises we did were:

  • the Lego masterpiece
  • creating the ultimate office
  • one on one interviews
  • who has what?
  • desert plane crash
  • who are you?

Saturday morning we went over to the RSU ropes course.  It’s truly amazing how fast you can know other people doing these kinds of activities.  I was blown away by our teams chemistry and positive attitude.  I’ve got to give it up to Melissa for not quitting on the high lines.  Tyler injured himself as he literally spread eagle over a huge log – any guy that can survive that is a hero of mine!  One of our guys decided to hit everyone with nicknames and I was labeled “The Rev”.  It brought back memories from my high school baseball team.

That same night a couple of guys from Team Well went down to check out some portable sound equipment from Stonebridge Church in McKinney.  These guys were incredibly helpful and we are looking forward to nailing the deal down.  Riding down with Davy and Brett made me feel like a Student Pastor again.  As I was checking us into the hotel – I walked out and my 4 runner was gone – ahhhhh never gets old.


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