It’s About One

September 26, 2008 — Leave a comment

Yesterday I got up early and attended the SYATP at RSU.  As I watched these college students go public with their faith and ununshamedly pray for their campus – it ignited a passion in me.  I was standing behind them and looking past the pole up high as the campus sits above our community, my heart breaking for hurting people.  It reminded me of my calling.  It reminded me of nearly a year ago jogging through this campus being completely shattered for the cries of my generation! 

I jumped in my truck and drove out-of-town.  I realized that over the last several weeks, I’m not sure if it was exhaustion from my triathlon, pressure, guilt or what – but I just couldn’t shake this feeling in me.  I discussed it with Amy the night before.  I began to cry to my God, “shake me, rattle me, break me, consume me, smack me around, if need be discipline me – I just need to hear your voice right now!”.  You can’t pray that kind of prayer and not get knocked up side the head – or get a heart breaking. 

I was reminded of why I am doing what I am doing.  I was reminded of the burden he’s placed in me.  I have been consumed with details, admin stuff, calling churches for support, phone calls, and on and on.  I realize this is all part of the season I’m in – the journey, but…. I allowed it within just a week or so to put me into a drift.  I lost focused for just a moment and didn’t even know it.  I was reminded that God hasn’t called me to serve an entire community, not even a person, but him alone.  I read in 1 Corinthians that our purpose in serving is to serve Christ and because of doing that we serve others – we serve one person at a time.

I realized that more than anything else right now – I must hear the voice of God.  I must have fresh bread each and every day or I will go on fumes.  I can’t pour out and not drink in.  Even know I know this so much of the time, my heart wonders.   I found myself not in complete trust in God, even though a week before I was so reliant, and began working like it was all up to me.  I got moody and my family, even my boys – became a prevention or kept me from “getting things done”.  I even lost my temper the other night and became a man who I not even I admired or respected.  I dishonored Amy and was an incredibly horrible example to my boys.  I praise Christ that he forgives and it was a reminder that I am far from perfect and need the grace of God everyday in my life!

Anytime I read about Jesus being in a community or a crowd – it always came back to one person.  For me it is not so much about serving a community as a whole anymore, but serving one person at a time.  Each day I believe there will be one, or two, maybe three people he puts in my path – and that’s why I lived that day.  He needs me to show them his love – it might be a coworker, a friend, someone in a grocery store, or maybe even my family. 

 Yesterday I inspected a house for an 89-year-old man named David.  I don’t spend time normally talking for long to people while inspecting, because I excuse the fact that I need to keep going and I won’t see them again.  David lives in Muskogee and will probably never go to The Well.  I will probably never see him again, but Jesus reminded me – it’s about the one no matter where you are – just take an extra couple of minutes.  I loved this man, I prayed with this man, and found out he used to serve as a deacon and hasn’t been to church in 5 years.  He told me he was a good man, a Baptist man.  I told him it didn’t matter what denomination he was from, or how good he was, but if he knew Jesus.  Yesterday – David was my one.

Look at your day – who’s the one?  Pick one everyday to make a difference in them! Who can you pray for, encourage, pastor, pursue, invest, or love? 





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