A Boyhood Dream

October 3, 2008 — Leave a comment

Today was a full one to say the least.  After spending a bulk of my morning at Java Dave’s, where I’ve been labeled an “official regular”, I headed to RSU.  I love the fact that this little coffee shop is becoming like cheers, in which everyone knows your name.  I got hooked up with the girl’s assistant b-ball coach and got to hear of his passion for the campus.  It was great to hear him share his heart during FCA tonight as well.  I’m in love with this campus and will do whatever it takes to partner with them to make the name of Jesus famous!  I am praying that after interviewing two different students – we might have a graphic designer nailed down, crossing my fingers on that one.

After eating dinner with my fam, it was a blast playing hide n go seek with Cambo and teaching him how to pitch – ahh that one day he would represent Christ to the Boston Red Sox pitching staff!  Which by the way, gotta love how the Angels own us during the season, but in October they are ours!  Besides that highlight, my other one came from attending the Citizen’s Academy.  I got to change a 30,000 watt electrical cord tonight, as well as fulfill a boyhood dream.  I get to lay my head down feeling like a real man – got to operate a back hoe!  I could have stayed in that thing for hours!


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