Two Boys Two World Series

October 7, 2008 — Leave a comment

Today was a long day out on the road as I headed into OKC for a monthly inspector meeting.  It was my last time in my prayer closet on wheels.  I traded out my truck for a Ford Ranger.  It is kinda nice in the fact that it has an extra cab – no complaints.  It is a work vehicle and there’s no gas charge, oil changes, car payments, or new tires that will come out of my pocket!  The worst part about today occurred 30 minutes into it when my lovely wife called to inform me that I had forgotten my wallet.  I realized I forget to bring my lunch as well.  Not cool……. No money = no lunch = hunger = thirst = crankiness.

When I got home I stuffed myself with chips n salsa.  It was all made better as we went over to my in-laws to watch the Bo Sox put away the Angels!  Our fourth trip to the ALCS in five years – I’m truly getting spoiled.  In 04 we had Camden and the result?  A world series ring……. In 07 we had Cale and the result?  A world series ring……. In 08 is Amy not telling me something?  Hmmmm..  Camden’s room is decked out since his first night home in Red Sox everything, even the knobs on his drawers.  Cale is awaiting a few more months until he will move in with older bro and be where he was meant to be – bunk beds in the Sox room!  I now realize why he cried so much as an infant – he was screaming to be in the Sox room with Camden.


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