Complete Randomness

October 10, 2008 — Leave a comment

The last few days have been crazy.   The last few days have been a blur.  But….. the last few days I’ve been able to get a butt-load accomplished!  Did I just say butt-load?  It is so stinken late right now and I think I’m already half-asleep…. I’m just gonna throw out random thoughts and stuff that has occurred as it filters out of my mind.  This is going to be random messiness, but I feel like I need to quickly reflect and get it out before I go to sleep and wake up thinking about it on my sabbath.  Here goes:

  • Watched the Red Sox kindly send the Halos packing back to CA
  • Spent 20 hours on an intro video for The Well that we will be showing Sunday at CAG
  • Spent another 20 hours on loading content for The Well website which will up by Sat night
  • Toured the Water & Waste Plants tonight – smelt my community’s terds
  • Had a very sweet older lady at Citizen’s Academy tell me she can’t wait to come on Feb. 22
  • Had an unbelievable prayer time in my truck & God speaking into me what I need to say this coming Sunday
  • Called many of my friends & family today to let them know I love them
  • Told my wife she is the most beautiful girl on the planet tonight & got to do some WWF with my boys
  • Got caught up on emails
  • Stayed up past 3am 2-3 nights this week thus far – yuk!
  • Received our t-shirts, water bottles, and first touch pieces
  • Got invited to a close friend’s wedding
  • Got criticized twice from close friends this week for being me
  • Got to meet and hang with two mac-loving college students with major ear-piercings and loved it!
  • Drank tons of sweet tea & ate miniature Twix bars to keep me awake during the longer nights
  • Cried worshipping to “Lead Me to the Cross” by Hillsong this morning
  • Received our tax exempt number for The Well – heck yeah it was supposed to take 3 months!
  • Received a check for our endeavor from my sister – she’s truly a one of a kind sister
  • Attended a Rotary lunch last-minute and sat up front – got honored as the Community Ironman.  I was wearing jeans with holes in them while all these other respected guys were wearing suits.  Pretty cool that I got to meet and shake hands with our state senator
  • Paid 1.99 for a 44 ounce drink
  • Almost got bit by a taco bell dog doing inspections
  • Got great advice from my brother

Even with all that chaos – I can honestly say I did two things: I loved Jesus and I loved others.  However, I’m so ready now to hit my pillow and wake up and do absolutely nothing tomorrow but love my family like crazy and spend the day giving myself to them with all my focus.


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