An Acts 2 Church

October 26, 2008 — 2 Comments

This morning was the closest thing I have ever felt to being apart of an Acts 2 church.  Scriptures say that the early believers basically asked each other of their needs and did whatever they could to meet them.  They loved each other unconditionally.  The Well team has been planning all month for a garage sale for our community.  The catch was that it was for free!  We staked out signs all over our area and put an ad in the happenings section of the Daily Progress unsure of the turn out.   I can’t be more proud of our team as they slaved in preparation folding clothes, setting up tables, staying late last night and showing up early this morning.  They defined the word ownership in this adventure and I love them so much.

At 7am before daylight the cravings for free stuff brought out the crowd.  The biggest question of the day was, “Why are you doing this?  It’s free are you kidding me?”.  People thought it was incredible.  We just continued to answer that “God has been good to us and we have what we need, if someone needs something and we aren’t using it – go ahead and take it, if you need it it’s yours!”.  It brought alot of curiosity about The Well and gave us great opportunities to share our hears with people.  Here is my top stories from the morning:

  • A young kid showed up in a t-shirt and was freezing cold.  I was able, without blinking an eye, dig out a $100 golf jacket from a tournament years ago and let him wear it and have it due to the cold weather
  • A lady grabbed our old Tommy Hilfiger comforter.  She was older and didn’t even care what brand it was – just wanted to know if it was going to “keep her warm”.
  • A young family showed up with 4 kids and were able to capatalize on our family’s sizes and took two garage bags full of clothes home
  • One of our neighbors showed up and said that after hearing about The Well and visiting other places that The Well seemed like the “perfect fit for her and her husband”
  • One of our team while the crowd was large answered one of the customers when asked how much something was, “It is all free, if you need it take it”.  Everyone turned around and said, “I’ve never heard of this before – this is just amazing”.
  • One lady got hooked up with five suits (ah glad to get rid of those things) from my good ole youth pastor days

So many other comments were made and it brought amazing joy to our team as we were able to BE THE CHURCH this morning.  It is perhaps the greatest act of love our young church has done and we look forward to making this an annual event.

God is good…. I believe as a result of us giving stuff away – when we give we shall receive.  A business owner donated The Well a $1000 copier today and a random guy walked up to my family yesterday at a gas station and handed us $50 for our gas.  I love following after Christ.  It isn’t always easy, but I truly believe as we attempt to love others and give ourselves away – he in return gives back to us in creative ways we never imagined!!


2 responses to An Acts 2 Church


    Wow!!! How dare you guys be so generous and biblical. I am so proud of The Well. We will have to steal this community loving idea. Thank you for showing others that not all Christians are weird.

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