The Best Kind of Love

November 11, 2008 — Leave a comment

imagesMan I honestly think this is the longest I’ve gone not blogging since I started a year ago.  I’m sitting here at Java Dave’s looking out the window as this miserable cold weather is cruising into Claremore.  I am drooling out of the side of my mouth due to a filling I received this morning.  I’m glad I read in 2 Cor 7:9 this morning, “let the distress bring you to God, not drive you from him”.  My dentist definitely drove me toward God as his distress on his driller was penetrating my mouth!

I’ve reached a full season in my life and although trying to balance life, two jobs, Ironman training, family, and laying the groundwork for The Well a few months ago was full – I don’t think I’ve ever been as busy as I am now – granted the week of no blogging.  I spent from January to mid summer doing what I love most – building relationships and serving every where I could in the community.  Over the past several months as our public date draws nearer I find myself wrestling.  I long to be serving or initiating another relationship, but the administration that comes with starting a church or a new business at some would relate – takes its toll.  The majority of my time, because I still work 30 hours a week with AFR, is spent with admin, planning for our weekly gatherings, and team building.

I deal with a personal fear – becoming a full-time Pastor that spends a majority of his time in a closed office and having 9-10 people he knows being church folk.  I love being bi-vocational, but the demands are taking their toll.  With that said, one of the best times I look forward to is heading to Java Dave’s to do some of my “office” work.  Anyone can fall into the trap mentioned above, but I refuse to do it.  I met a young man of 21 years old a few weeks ago while sitting here named Bryce.  We small chatted and I vowed to myself and God that if I saw him again – I would share Christ with him.

Today as I walked in he was sitting at a table.  We talked for a bit and I just took a plunge and asked him, “Bryce what is your thoughts about Jesus?”.  He told me that he attended a church outside of town and believes in God.  I asked him, “but what do you think of Jesus?”.  He said, “No one ever ask me that question”.  His eyes expressed an incredible joy and sincerity as he spoke with me about Jesus and his love for him!  It ignited a passion in my heart just hearing him talk!

My new friend and brother inspired me today!  I told him that I had been praying for him and if I truly believe what I say I do and love people – that I had to make sure that he knew the love of Christ that I did.  What an incredible joy to know Bryce is in relationship with Jesus, but what if he wasn’t?  What if I was sitting in an office right now?  I love these opportunities of being portable and being where people are.  My prayer today is that God would send more Bryce’s into my life to make sure they have the best kind of love in the world – the Jesus kind!


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