Changing More Diapers

December 3, 2008 — 1 Comment

imagesAfter knocking out inspection reports this morning I headed over to the bank to get my ATM password.  While I was there the girl at the counter asked me if I was leading up The Well.  I was blown away as she began asking me questions and expressed her interest and longing to find a church in the community.  I asked her how she heard about it – from a friend.  It was humbling to know that God is causing a buzz to occur behind the scenes that has nothing to do with me, but that he longs to see people become passionate followers of him.

I loved the opportunity I received to speak at CRU tonight at RSU.  I truly care and love these college students as Amy and I have volunteered each week to serve and support them.  They are amazing students with such a fresh love for the name of Jesus.  I couldn’t help but talk about The Greatest Thing in the World as that is what our team is reading every day this week.

As we energetically took 1 Cor 13 verse by verse I let them know they truly don’t love their roommates until they’ve made their bed, washed their clothes, and took care of their dishes.  However I must stay accountable to that same kind of love in the fact that if I truly love my roommate I will change more diapers!  This love chapter is smacking me around like crazy and I will be camping out there for a while.

Why should we move on if we’ve not worked through a passage?  I think many times we hurry through scripture so we can check if off our little spiritual check list.  As a friend of mine says, “I’m not reading the Bible, it is reading me”.

So who are you loving today?  Who’s “diaper” are you changing?  I promise you will be tested when someone cuts you off on the road, or someone pops a bad attitude on you at work, or well you name it.  Jesus says if you can’t love your brother or sister in whom you see physically, how in the world can you love me whom you don’t see.  Ouch!!


One response to Changing More Diapers


    Hi Ricky, I just found your blog last night and my husband and I are so very excited about The Well! This post really makes me think about how I view love. I think I will love my husband today by making sure his laundry is all done before he gets home. Thanks for the perspective.

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