The Mountain Top

December 5, 2008 — Leave a comment

pb210007Several times in scripture I read about Jesus escaping and withdrawing away from the crowds to pray.  I mean he really escaped away almost where he was unreachable – the mountain tops.  Recently I had one of the most incredible downpours of God’s presence as I ran several miles up a hillside.  As I approached the top I turned back and snapped a pic.

Today was a day that drained every ounce that I had has it was poured into others.  I’m humbled that God allowed me to have the conversations that I did.  It seemed like one to the next, and then an email, and then a text, followed by several calls.  I’m thankful for it and have a passion to love others and put myself below another.  However, at day’s end I’m ready to withdrawal and refill my cup again as it has been poured out.  I’m ready to go to a mountain top, pray, and let God put me back together again with my Sabbath.  Tomorrow is approaching and I’m looking forward to unplugging and hanging with my three most favorite people in the world.


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