An REI Mission

December 15, 2008 — Leave a comment

photoFriday night I decided to get away for a night and head down to Dallas.  I was hoping for a few of my buddies to go but they jumped the ship so enjoyed the solitude and peaceful drive.  As I pulled up to the REI store in North Dallas several sleeping bags were already set up.  I hit a cheap motel and arrived right at 6am with about 45 people in front of me.  I’ve never been apart of a REI garage sale before and it was quite the experience.

I was pumped to make three new friends in line.  I was blown away at their generosity as I got in on breakfast burritos from a grill right there in line.  Lets just say I questioned my manly hood after leaving.  It was in the 30’s when I arrived and a dude with bushy hair and bushy beard crawls out of his sleeping bag with no shirt!  He then proceeded to grab his bottle of Jack Daniels!  I realized I was in a different world and this culture was growing on me quickly.

They opened the doors at 10am and men piled up the stairs to the back warehouse area like troops about to unload off a boat on D-Day.  I felt energy, passion, and excitement for the mission that was upon us.  Everything in me couldn’t wait to tackle the sleeping bags and tents knowing that my boys would join me for years to come as I disciple them to follow Christ.  I also can already visualize men in my community going on camping trips and sharpening each other to go all out for Jesus.

Too many men in my community view church as feminine.  Everything about Jesus and the gospels paints a far different picture.  I can only hope that men at The Well will be on mission like these REI maniacs charging for discounted gear!


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