PK’s in a Bunk Bed

December 23, 2008 — Leave a comment

pc200008There was short period about three years ago in which I told Amy that there was no way I was going to allow my children to ever be called PK’s (Preacher’s Kids).  I was still dealing with some inner pain from my past and couldn’t think to ever raise them in a fish bowl.  Now I consider it great joy that my two boys will experience that life that I knew as a boy.  There was some rough times growing up, but I never saw my parents relationship with Christ waver.  They never gave up on church and they never kept me from seeing the raw truth of dealing with conflict and personality traits.

I never knew then that I was like David in the pasture being groomed for the endeavor on hand.  I’m so thankful that God had me grow up in a Pastor’s home and watch my dad week in and week out love people with a relentless pursuit.  I can still remember walking into our sanctuary before church, as one of my close friends would meet me to go get our traditional Dr Pepper at H.E.B. before service.  The echos of my father praying in the back room where the heater was, in which he converted into a prayer closet.

To think that same DNA runs in my veins blows me away.  I can’t wait for my boys to have an amazing perception of what it is to not just do church, but be the church.  It is a great honor to know they are my most important disciples that I will ever be able to pour God’s love into.  I’m looking forward to many camping trips and rites of passage.  My brother shared bunk beds growing up and it is there that I can remember my brother asking me one night if I had ever asked Jesus into my heart.  In so many ways perhaps, that is why I have always felt a strong bond with my older brother.  I want that same bond with Camden and Cale.  They are getting a bunk bed for Christmas – oh yeah!  Yesterday afternoon they took it upon themselves with no help needed to already prepare.

There’s a hidden goal in my heart that one day I would have an opportunity to write a book to preacher’s kids with my boys in mind.  Amy recently came across a video that is quite humorous, but also a warning to me to commit to my core value which is WHEN AT HOME BE AT HOME.  Click here to watch.


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