Found Wanting and Desperate

January 6, 2009 — 1 Comment

imagesLast night I layed in bed during the early hours shivering a bit because our wood stove obviously ran out of wood to burn.  I twisted and turned and realized it would be one of those nights.  For me I don’t get frustrated I welcome them.  No one needs me and I don’t have to be anywhere or do anything but lay in my bed.  I since my master, creator, and heavenly father beckoning my name just as he did Samuel in the O.T.  So…… I listened.  And I listened some more.   It found me wanting.

It found me desperate to hear his voice.  So many times the routine, the list, the responsibilities and the “spoils” rudely interrupt the smooth rhythm of my relationship with Christ.  I allowed my father to wrap his arms around me and remind me that he is pleased with me.  He is taking care of all things.  He is lining the details of The Well and despite everything that I still feel like needs to happen before Feb 22 – he reminded me whose church it is and who’s orchestrating every step.  I find major comfort in that.

This morning I got up and couldn’t hardly wait to open Galatians again.  I’ve been reading and studying this book for a month now and can’t wait to use it as our main text for our opening series called Stripped.  We will attempt to talk about the elephants in the church and strip away the barriers of: hypocrisy, judgement, and legalism.  The last week Brad will lead us into a conversation about the one that was ultimately stripped and how he strips away all of that junk so we can be free.  Here’s some of my reflections this morning:

S – Galatians 6

“Make a careful exploration of who you are and the work you have been given, and then sink yourself into that.  Don’t be impressed with yourself.  Don’t compare yourself with others.  Each of you must take responsibility for doing the creative best you can with your own life”.  :4-5

O – Paul is writing to this church and a little, well quite a bit aggravated that men had turned Jesus into a religion with rules and regulations that didn’t come from God but man.  He talks about not living with bondage of man-made rules but living free in Jesus.  He basically tells us not to have a big ego or look at someone else’s life.  We are responsible for ourselves.

A – This is an extremely timely passage at the start of a new year.  I’m looking forward to sharing with passion a message burning in my heart for our Preview #2 this Sunday about making life happen not waiting for it to happen to us.  So many of us wait around for something to fall in our laps, wait for a call, wait for this and wait for that, instead of being proactive.

P – Jesus just as you spoke into my life last night and this morning and right now as I write.  I pray that you would speak to me today and not allow the details of life to interrupt the sweetness of our conversations each day.   I pray that you would burn that message in my heart that it would come from you.  Jesus I have spent that last 3 years driving around in a truck as you birthed a thousand personal messages in my heart and transformed me a day at a time.  Some how some way use one of those to help transform another.  I love you and help me to take responsibility in areas of my own life where I may lack discipline.  But…. help me remember where my strength comes from to pursue life.  Amen

I’ve decided as look at my 2009 goals and put my spokes in alignment and take responsibility for my life.  My theme for this year is summed up in one word – DESPERATION.  If I can stay desperate for Jesus then everything else in my life will be fine.  If I stop being desperate and drift than everything will get out of alignment.

What about you what is some goals or perhaps a theme that you are placing before you this year?


One response to Found Wanting and Desperate


    this is thought-provoking. My theme for this year is to make God’s priorities my priorities. As a christian, a wife, a mom, and an artist/business owner this is an area where I need Him desperately. I am in no way capable of juggling all my responsibilities in a way that honors God, without his strength and grace.

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