With No Strings Attached

March 1, 2009 — Leave a comment


This morning it was an absolute pleasure to get up earlier than normal on a Saturday to come alongside some of the most servant hearted people I know.  Who else gives up a few hours in 20 degree weather, with frozen fingers, rakes, and shovels to do manual labor for nothing?  I was so proud to stand beside my friends as we hit a new playground for mountain biking and trail running.  I was even more proud that some of Team Well came out knowing we will hit the theater at 6am for set up tomorrow to give ourselves away to assist our community leaders.

My heart and vision is that when our city leaders need something, perhaps some hands and feet they pick up the phone or type an email requesting that The Well send over some servants to meet some needs.  I always pray that we are near the top of that list!  I love what one of my favorite communicators says,

“The church isn’t here to meet our needs, we are the church here to meet the needs of our world” Erwin Mcmannus

I love my community and continue to pray that we would always remember that WE ARE THE CHURCH here to serve with no strings attached, not show up on Sunday mornings to just do church with strings attached……


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