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May 1, 2009 — Leave a comment

imagesAbout a year and a half ago I started blogging.  You can click here to read why.  Another reason is so that those that are checking out our church and those that are apart can actually see that I’m a real guy.  I love knowing they can crawl into my life and not just see me up front as some untouchable guy that stands behind a bible.

Within that time I’ve joined four other social networks.  Today I sat in a coffee-house only to hear 5 middle age women complain and bicker about social networks.  It’s humorous because they are the leading age bracket to be hooked to them!  There’s no doubt they can be addictive and a false sense of true relationships that you experience face to face, but….. they do keep you connected.  I truly enjoy getting update statuses from friends and family and keeping in on the loop of their lives.

Here’s my social networks:

Facebook: by far most used and allows me to keep in touch with our entire volunteer team at The Well

my space: hardly ever use anymore but similar to Facebook

twitter: going to this more and more to just update my status to let people know what I am up to

i am tri: allows me to keep in touch with my tri friends

So what are the social networks you belong too?  What are the benefits that you see?


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