More Than Yesterday

May 5, 2009 — 1 Comment

img_0094This morning as I got up, ate my bagel, and opened the gospel of John.  I read how Peter was asked, “are you one of his disciples?”  and he replied, “who me?  no i am not!”.  Ouch!  Can I say another ouch!

Jesus on the other hand when asked (very well and knowing he would be brutally beaten and killed) never denied his identity.  He was laser sharp with his mission and never side-tracked.  Are we that confident in who we are and what he’s called us to do?

I headed out to do my early morning jog and meditated on this.  Am I truly his disciple?  Am I totally unashamed?  What does that mean to be his disciple?  How do we draw close to him?  So many of us struggle with that don’t we?  As I continued pondering, praying, and worshipping his name I couldn’t help but fall more in love with him.  The Bible says in Proverbs that his name is like a strong tower and if we run to it……. well its like a refuge or oasis.  I believe the answer to drawing close always falls back to our spiritual practices or some say disciplines.

The way we fall more in love with him today than yesterday is by intimate time spent with our creator.  It is worshipping, praying, reading his Word and meditating on it, fasting, taking a Sabbath and letting him put us back together again, its serving others with no strings attached, its journaling, its listening to his voice, and it’s just being.

About four months ago we pulled out a jar full of beans as an illustration to our team.  If you try to put walnuts in that jar they won’t fit in.  If you fill the jar with the walnuts first and then the beans they will fit in.  What in the world does that mean?

When we focus and make every effort to start a day by filling our inner jar (our soul, heart, mind, and spirit) with walnuts (spiritual practices) the beans (every other item on our to do list) will fall into place.  If we will just commit our day to him he’ll work everything else out.  We must commit to filling up with the most important priorities the walnuts, and not worry about if all the beans get in or not.   We leave this jar on our kitchen counter as a daily reminder – not to forget the walnuts.

So…….. I’m left this morning with – am I more in love with Jesus today than I was yesterday?  I sure hope so.  Some days I can’t say that….. usually it’s the days when I started filling the jar with the chaos of beans and forgot about the walnuts.  How about you?


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    Thanks for the well-timed reminder.

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