Things to Do to Unplug

June 16, 2009 — Leave a comment

cRecently I experienced a 2 week span of high worry, high stress, and couldn’t seem to shake it.  Do you ever have that?  No way you never do right?  I think we all have those times.  So….. what do we do with it?  I think some get caught up in sitting in front of the T.V. for hours hoping it drowns away.  Others go into a bar and get drunk so they don’t have to cope and think through it.  Others get around friends to get their minds off of it.  I sat down and wrote down things I do.  I am very focused and so I have got to focus on something else, specifically something that I can see results with quickly or give me a high that maybe in the area of stress won’t.

  1. Sit on my back deck with a bagel or bowl of cereal early in the morning and read a short passage of scripture and journal
  2. Go off on a 20-25 mile bike ride and listen to inspirational worship or podcasts from others that can speak into my life
  3. Go on a date night with Amy
  4. Wrestle with my boys and sleep a night in the tent with them
  5. Go fishing with Camden or some other guy friends
  6. Watch a late night movie that will inspire or make me laugh
  7. Call my Mom or Dad and let them encourage me
  8. Take off on a run to the lake
  9. Turn off my phone on Friday’s and take my family out of Claremore
  10. Sit down and face book others encouraging comments
  11. Read a good book
  12. Call an old friend and catch up
  13. Take off for few days and camp with guys
  14. Take a drive and pour out my heart to Christ
  15. Blog

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