June 17, 2009 — Leave a comment

imagesS – Philippians 4:11-12 “I have learned how to be content with whatever I have.  I know how to live on almost nothing or with everything”

O – If anyone has the credibility to express these words it is Paul.  If anyone could encourage another it was him.  He was thanking the church for their kind generous spirit in financially supporting him when many other churches didn’t.  He knew that true joy and happiness didn’t come through materialism or acquired goods.  He knew that when he had nothing…. he had everything.  It is the opposite of our culture isn’t it?

People have everything.  Especially compared to other countries.  We think we drive an old car so we’re behind.  We live in an outdated home so we don’t have much.  We don’t have several thousands in savings for an emergency or upcoming vacation or child’s college fund.  We’re behind and we need to be depressed.  Are you kidding?  Paul knew and discovered something many of us haven’t – having a relationship with Christ is the most valuable thing we have and the only thing we will ever need and with Him we can have contentment.

A – Easier said than done.  I’m looking around at our economy and it is all new to me.  I’ve never experienced this in my life and compared to those that went through the great depression it isn’t much.  Since I was a little kid – everywhere I’ve lived had new subdivisions going in, new restaurants being built, everything on a high note.  Now….. it is on pause.  I’m not writing this in great abundance – just in kind of state of being grateful for the paycheck I due to receive.

God seems to always meet our needs, can I add not all of our wants.  It is so stinken easy to “have trust” and “faith” in God when all is well isn’t it?  But…. what happens when all hell breaks loose in our lives?  Not so easy.  But can I add that is when you really look around at others and even deep inside yourself and say, “Am I truly following Christ?”  Or only when he’s so-called nice to me?  Or when a great amount of favor is being poured out.  What if he chooses to put us in the desert?  What if he chooses to test our faith?  Will we still remain content?

P – Father God I love you more than a blog can express.  I love you more than anything I have, because everything I have belongs to you and you’ve entrusted me with them.  So…. I give you the greatest Father’s Day shout out I can!  Happy early Father’s Day!  Help me to be more content.

Help me to not gauge my securities and my joy on how much is in my bank account.  You are my God and I place my trust in you even when it isn’t easy.  I know you are with me.  Let this blog touch another and give them hope or perhaps encourage them to gaze upon Paul’s words and ask themselves, “Am I content with just you?”   Perhaps this blog was for me today.  What would I do without scripture speaking into my life?  Probably wouldn’t be content.


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