Hungry For a Move

June 20, 2009 — Leave a comment

imagesI posted a blog that I’ve been wrestling with for quite some time recently about the Holy Spirit.  I took a ride out on my bike a few days ago and sat looking out at the water in meditation.  I asked my heavenly father to speak to me about this issue and give me clarity as I attempt to lead our church.  It’s a sensitive issue.  He woke me up in the middle of the night and whispered to me to get up and spend time with him, so I did.  Several hours later after engulfing the book of Acts I’ve come to some conclusions.  I mentioned it to our group last night as well.

There’s no doubt my generation has seem some weird stuff go on in the idea of “the spirit moving”.  How do we know if it is real?  How do we know if it isn’t man’s drawing to gain attention or force something.  I don’t know and can’t answer this.  However, as I read and re-read how the early church began I do know this.  They met regularly, loved each other like crazy, saw needs and met them, prayed constantly, and waited.

The apostles were fired up, men of passion, of zeal, and were completely dependent on the boldness of the Holy Spirit.  It is stated that Stephen’s face looked like an angel, Peter was recognized as a man who had been with God and had extreme boldness, and scriptures say others knew there was something different about them.  The leadership was full of passion for Jesus Christ and God spoke through them as many gave their hearts to Christ.  Some say that they were drunk because of the way they acted.  Some declined the invitation to be involved.  But lives were transformed.  People were healed.  Signs and wonders occurred.

What does that have to do with us today?  I can’t say that anyone has exactly been straight up healed at our church, but I can without a doubt see life transformation occurring.  People are just becoming more self-less, more giving, more open, more hungry, more generous.  Last night our group met and wrote down on an index card one need we all had and we all layed hands and prayed over it with unity and love.  We are about to meet a gigantic need for a couple in our group and then will be serving at a BBBS event next week.  I’m sensing something.  I’m open to it.  I’m hungry for it.  I’ve decided since the other night a life goal that has now become at the top of my list:


I’m tired of Sunday’s week in and week out.  I’m tired of just the activities.  I’m tired of the same old stuff.  I’m tired of putting a lid on the holy spirit because of a skepticism and a hesitation from my generation.  I’m ready to be ALL IN and let him move as he wishes.  What if……..

What if we just laid aside our preconceived notions and showed up anytime we met regularly expecting?  Not something weird or crazy, but brokenness, humbleness, desperation, passion to hear his voice, addictions broken, healing, marriages restored, life transformation, sin being broken, spontaneous baptisms, and a greed and pride and arrogance of the American spirit be destroyed because something got a hold of us that we could not shake.  I’m ready for my cage to be rattled.  I’m ready for more and something different.

I’m ready for a de churched community in which I live to just lay aside their past experiences, and give it another try.  I’m ready for the past to be the past and look ahead at what we can experience in our day.  I’m ready to stop complaining about yesterday and listen to others whine about it, and say what are we going to do?  Not what they did.  But what are we going to do?

Are our kids going to look at us later on and say, yeah things were a little weird, but at least they tried you guys just sat around and were defeated.  I’m willing to take risks and willing to try.  I’m willing to chase after the holy spirit and just see how a community can be transformed.  It’s going to happen with or without us.  Why?  In the last days he will pour out his spirit on all flesh………..


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