A Few Needs and a Slithery Life Goal

July 13, 2009 — 1 Comment


A Bed Drop Off

A buddy of mine this past week held a free garage sale, I love that these are getting contagious and gave away everything.  As a lady was leaving he asked, “Is there anything you need we didn’t have?”.  She told him a bed.

A few text messages went out and we nailed down a bed.  As we drove over to her house and were unloading the stench of cat litter aroma was unbearable.  All I could think of is dropping off the bed and getting back in the truck.  She said,

“Thank you now my 6 kids won’t have to share 2 beds!”  Wow.  Later I realized my lack of love.  It was easy to meet a need of the bed, but if I really truly loved her we would have stayed, endured a little smell, and cleaned up the cat litter.  After sharing this story yesterday at church, 2 different Well families are going to head over and help her clean her house.  How humbling that love can be so crazy.

By this Jesus says people will know we are his followers.  In the 3rd century church everyone fled villages due to diseases.  The ones that stayed and helped care for those that were sick were Christians.  My dream is that one day in a dechurched community that the word Christian would actually have meaning again.  But before it does, we must make love contagious!


 Property Clean-Up

One of the couples in our Plugged Group needed help this past Saturday with some inherited property.  It didn’t take long for everyone to start volunteering tools and time.  We were able to load up 6 trailer loads of tree limbs and cut down 3 trees.  Last night one of the guys in our group was rushed to the ER with a pull in his back.  Before the night was out 90% of our group put legs to their love one for each other and showed up at the hospital to help Tobie.  At that point I realized we were no longer a “group” but a small family.  We are starting to truly “love each other more than we love ourselves”.


A Nasty Life Goal

Recently I shared with some friends that one of my life goals was to hold a snake in my hand.  I know weird and nasty but I’ve had a fear of them since I was a little boy.  Well, although not that large and probably the least bit dangerous – my goal was conquered cleaning up the property.  So glad this one is off my list now!


One response to A Few Needs and a Slithery Life Goal


    Dude, if not for the explanation of the snake picture, I would not even known that was you. I would have just thought, ‘awww, look at the nice redneck admiring his catch’…good job, man!

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