Loving With Words

July 29, 2009 — Leave a comment

IMG_0319After an early morning jog filled with great uplifting conversation I fled to the lake to give God the best part of my day.  Fresh bread from my heavenly father.  Immediately I was slapped by Jesus’ brother who reminded me, “Teaching is highly responsible work.

Teachers are held to strictest standards.  And none of us is perfectly qualified.  We get it wrong nearly every time we open our mouths.”  Ugggh!  I remember something my Mom told me as a student in Bible college, “Rick, don’t ever worry about using eloquent words or impress anyone with your theology, just be yourself and always share from your heart.”

With the week off this past Sunday I feel so refreshed and ready to deliver a challenging and well-timed message for our church family.  I never want to take it for granted.  It reminds me that if God hasn’t given me anything to say to not say anything.  Thus the reason for fleeing to the lake….. so I can hear his voice and let him guide the message.

As I am preparing to talk about having “Crazy Love” with our words I came across a 10-year-old file called “Encouraging Notes”.  Anytime anyone has ever given me a card, note, email, or letter chances are I’ve put it aside.  Words mean so much.  I came across a letter a student wrote me five years ago expressing what a difference I had made, a napkin my Mom wrote on nearly 8 years ago during college to encourage me, a card from my MNL before I was engaged to her daughter, and a letter Amy wrote to me just months before we got married.  How much are they worth to me?  No price I wouldn’t sell them to anyone.

Why is it we wait until a funeral to express our words of love to those we care about the most?  Why are we so stinken busy that we lose sight of we are here.  My goal lately is this: walk more slowly through life so I can truly enjoy the journey.  I can’t wait for the challenge I’m putting before our entire church on Sunday – if we all catch it – there’s going to be some CRAZY LOVE extended to anyone that knows a Weller!  As I’m writing this entry a close friend and a banded brother sent me a face book message:

“I’m glad to call you pastor, I’m honored to call you friend, more than those, I love to call you brother. if there is anything I can do for you, consider it done. anything I can give, consider it yours”

I’m so excited that we added to our creative team on Monday and I’m so pumped about implementing the message with videos and other elements to spice up the message.  We are already brainstorming for our marriage series coming in September and it is going to be incredible!  I thank God he’s bringing people together for such a time as this as we see a community’s perception of church stripped and we serve others with authentic love so they might be transformed into the image of Christ!


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