People Are Signage

July 29, 2009 — Leave a comment

During our recent leadership meeting with our team leaders we evaluated everything we do on a Sunday. We talked about every detail from how long my messages need to shorten, to lighting on the screen, to children check-in.  I had over 3 pages of details we need to work through to have more excellence.  As we left I only remember one.  One of our leaders expressed that his sister was walking around, only came for the 2nd time, and after 10am there was no one in the lobby.  People were coming in looking around wondering where to go with only signage to point.

I’m glad someone was there to recognize an easy thing to fix.  But….. we learned something.  I don’t care how incredibly designed your signage is – 99% of people don’t care and don’t look.  They look for people willing to help them, love them, care for them, serve them, and show them where they need to go.  Our signage and banners needs to become people.  It blows me away that the reality is people have already made up their minds in coming back long before they hearing the band or my talking head.  My prayer is that we could become one of, if not, the friendliest most loving and accepting place in our entire community between 930-1130 on a Sunday morning!  With God’s help we are going to get there!



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