A Very Large Act of Love

August 16, 2009 — Leave a comment


This morning at 530 fellow servants joined forces to set up one of the largest acts of love I’ve ever been apart of.  It was one of those moments that I knew I must be apart of something so much bigger than myself!  While most people were sleeping in there were others that were sacrificing so they could have a need met.

Last year it consisted of 8 volunteers in our driveway and this year well so much more.  The question, “How much?” followed by “What?  followed by “Why?” were the favorites.

IMG_0411There’s too many conversations to mention but I will mention one.  A couple started asking me a thousand questions about The Well.  Questions about denomination, beliefs, and the list goes on.

After shooting back and forth, the husband finally said, “Well it really doesn’t matter I drink so much on the weekend and there’s really no church for me.”  I replied, “See all those people in green shirts, some of them do and most of them have tats just like you.”  His eyes widened, “When do you meet?  That sounds like a church I could be apart of”.


I can’t describe in words how proud I am of our team of volunteers. The vote is on tomorrow to give our volunteer of the day a reward with the most prestigious item found amongst the stuff.

Tomorrow they will be presented with The Well Garage Sale trophy to be passed on each year – ET that salutes…… I’m already dreaming of what next year will look like as we continue to be the church known, not that meets in a theater or by our sign or building, but the church that gives stuff away.


The best part was all the leftovers were taken to Safenet Domestic Abuse Shelter in which all proceeds will go to further their cause.  It is a win!  Click here or here to see a wealth of more pictures from the morning.  If you missed the article in the Claremore Daily Progress click here.


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