“Get Out of Dodge”

October 5, 2009 — Leave a comment

IMG_0512 I remember as a little boy my Dad making it a priority to have Family Days.  He was the master at this and you could tell it was highlight of his week.  We would do anything from going tubing down the river, eating brats at the fair, fish, go golfing, or celebrate birthdays by raising the little flag at Pancho’s.  It has stuck with me now that I’m a Dad.  On his days off as a Pastor he would say it’s time to “get out of dodge”.

He would leave all the worries, all the stress, and go do something that filled his cup.  Last week I grabbed Camden and we took off to K.C. for a few days to watch the Red Sox.  We wrestled on the bed, we went to the Hallmark Center, ate at the Fritz, and played at the Penguin Park.  Camden made me forget about everything back in Claremore for a few days and taught me so much about the simplicity of life.

IMG_0468 We also recently spent a day in OKC for a college reunion with two of my best friends from SAGU.  It is so awesome that we all had boys at the same time and are now all 4 years old.  They are a bunch of mini versions of their Dad’s!  I loved catching up with these guys and would lay my life down for any of them.  It’s so important to get out of our day-to-day surroundings and go have fun!  Before The Well launched I had an older guy tell me, “Ricky you’re going to work so hard starting this church, just make sure you take time to play just as hard!”.  I wish I would have taken his advice earlier, but after 6 months I’m starting to get there!

So what do you do to “get out of dodge”?  What fills you up?  What allows you to have fun and just be a little kid again? Schedule a day where you can do it and go for it!


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